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"Being away from home, Amba Foods brings back those cherished flavours of India. Every bite takes me back to my mother's kitchen."

Rajesh, Indian Expatriate in Sydney
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"I've always been curious about Indian sweetmeats, and Amba Foods has been a delightful discovery. The richness and authenticity of flavours are unmatched!"

Sophie, Australian Food Enthusiast
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"For our company events, we always rely on Amba Foods. Their impeccable service and delectable dishes never fail to impress our clients and colleagues."

Anita, Corporate Event Planner
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"Amba Foods is my go-to whenever I miss homemade sweets. Their range of products gives me a taste of home, away from home."

Vikram, Indian Student in Melbourne
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"Incorporating Amba Foods' products into our menu has been a game-changer. The quality and authenticity they bring to the table are truly commendable."

Lucas, Australian Chef
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100% Natural Products

Back in 2011, Vijay’s quest for authentic pani-puris led to a moment of disappointment. But it was his wife, Geeta’s encouragement that transformed this moment into an opportunity. Together, they recreated the magic of India’s iconic snack right in their kitchen.

This culinary adventure, sparked by a wife’s nudge and a husband’s passion, gave birth to Amba Foods. Today, we stand as a testament to authenticity, quality, and the beautiful blend of Indian tradition with Australian craftsmanship.

Dive into our journey and discover why every bite with us is “Traditionally Yours, Authentically Indian.”

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